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The State of Minnesota is committed to the equitable distribution of safe and effective vaccines for protection against COVID-19. As vaccine supply increases and doses become more widely available, opportunities to get vaccinated will expand.

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Fill out this form to stay updated on your eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine and connect to vaccine opportunities in your area when they become available. If you have questions about the form or need language assistance, please call our Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector hotline at 833-431-2053.

Espanol:  Conéctese con su vacuna contra el COVID-19.

Hmoob:  Tiv tauj koj koob tshuaj tiv thaiv COVID-19.

Somali:  Ku xidhnow tallaalkaaga COVID-19.

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  2. You will receive confirmation via email that your Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector sign-up is complete.
  3. When the information you provided suggests you might be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, you will receive information on vaccine opportunities in your area and how to schedule your appointment. If you don’t have an email address, you will be notified via text message or phone call.

What information will I need to provide?

You will need to explain a few details about yourself, in order to help us determine when you might be eligible to receive your COVID-19 vaccine.

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